Friday, 18 October 2013

references made into verses

I miss the ones who left me behind, I miss the one who made me feel lost without a map
Is remembering them worth it? Or should I move on, pretend like I am as happy as I seem to be
Is it better to be alone? Or is it better to find friends who'd be on your side forever?
Was i remembered or was I just walked over like a fallen leaf?
Would any of these matter when I live my dreams?
Yes seems to be the beat of the heart but the mind rejects the claim.
I will wait for you, is what Mumford and sons said but the leavers weren't lovers
Walk on is what Bono said, without the country tune he did pass on his message on what was to be done
The fire did spread but it was put down by hope, unforgettable it was but we got past it with smiles
When you wanted to come inside my thoughts, I ran away cause that's where my demons are
It's dark and filled with the sins of my past, it's holding me back from the light but I'll never give up
I ran away into the light but my eyes wouldn't let me see in the bright sunlight, would you hold my hands?
You and I, we should run away to somewhere only we know about and lay there on the ground with eyes fixed on the stars
Is this the place that I dreamed of? Why doesn't time hold it's breath and give up it's flow?
I wanna run away into the mountains and lose the memories. Can't we just start over new like all of the songs are sung.

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