Sunday, 9 April 2017


Exams, a few days of anxiety, stress, hard work, sometimes depression and then life comes back to it's normal levels again but what if you could keep life normal while going through such a time. What if you could do what you usually do and still be calm and confident enough when the big day comes along, I didn't study properly when I needed to (school) and I just floated along till I came to this stage of being a medical student, while I didn't do anything in school I didn't learn anything about stress, maintaining yourself and being calm, what did I learn after going through 3 years of exams was that no matter how hard you try if you can't maintain those final few minutes you can't expect a good result, you start good and then you carry that level of "good" to the very end.
You fall in the middle, you don't let that fall infect your end with a big fall, you pick yourself up and you walk through the middle placing your feet calmly and ensuring that you don't lose the balance.
So tomorrow is exam day for me and I'm trying to be calm, bit better at it then I used to be and now yeah things do make a bit more sense to me, in a few years to come every day would be an exam, an exam of how to deal with patients, how to get by the time when things are beyond humanly resources and when you just can't save a life, when you have to deal with the family of a patient and tell them their loved one couldn't make it, when you suffer some personal loss, when you can't make it to an important event just because your schedule didn't allow you to, it all will be an exam but what do you learn from it all, what you learn is how simple everything is, things just don't wait for anyone, you might wait for him/her but this world won't wait for you.
Before life teaches you things the hard way, try to make your own scheme of evaluating things and getting by. 
Hold on and you will get to have the golden reward of happiness, whether saving a life or whether having some personal level of happiness, it will all come by but if you work your way through different exams that you face, you will be able to enjoy these rewards much more cause you will know the value of happiness.

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  1. Hard to actually practice this but hope it works for you.