Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Thoughts into burden and burden to doubts

Human mind needs it's thoughts to be heard and having a good medium to listen to those thoughts lifts the burden but this is not always possible because not everyone is available to listen to your thoughts. It's understandable cause none can be available 24/7 and sometimes these thoughts and ideas never make a complete sense rather they don't make sense at all cause.
Some people with whom you want to talk to aren't there or they forgot who you are, it sucks doesn't it when you remember everything that you and that person talked about but none of it means a thing to them. I have those issues because I am good at remembering the conversations that took place but ignorance is a bliss.
You want to speak but then you know that people won't even care to listen to all of it so you lose the interest in sharing your thoughts, this cause a burden to build up and that leads to developments of doubts and all that.
The question is that will you find an ear to listen to you when you need to pour out those ideas?

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