Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Run and escape to save time

The truth about life is that you can't move on, there is something that always drags you back to from what you're trying to escape. I like most of you people am trying to escape a lot of things and at this moment the success rate is almost negligible and well I'm going far away from people and staying away cause running away is the best escape. Who ever said embrace the problems needed to understand that these problems not only ruin a day they also ruin the whole course of life.
Run from the things that you know will take a long time to heal cause once you run away you will find a lot substitutes, in the meantime I'll go back on the road and last time it was 70 miles in the second gear. I'ma try to get it over that. Pfft 1.6 engine isn't a 650 bhp beast it's a 121 bhp average one but still you get the thrill.
Run away and save time cause problems take time and you don't have time on your side.
Peace out readers

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