Monday, 1 July 2013

Fear and breaking the ice.

Fear is what controls the life, we all are afraid of somethings and someone. I was afraid of driving a manual transmission but after driving in a full fledged lahore traffic it's pretty fun cause you got so much freedom no more a computer controlling the shifting I enjoy driving that car a lot and on top of that it's diesel so the sound changes a lot kinda makes you feel more in the power. I was afraid that I may mess up the clutch and the accelerator movement and hit someone but slowly that fear is washing away cause it's just an autonomous response more like a heartbeat, that is if you have self confidence otherwise you may cause yourself a little embarrassment which I did a number of times, but the thing is that nothing is too hard or difficult.
Driving in Lahore is insane you have to protect yourself and your car all the time but it's not impossible neither is it too much of a work all it takes a little confidence and some practise.
Secondly, breaking the ice is always a tough one and it's a fear that holds you back, if you want to speak then  don't let the fear hold you back you may not know what it may tell you. 

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