Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Reality, a few verses

I speak but yet I'm silent to you, I'm awake but yet you say my eyes are closed
My conscience is wide awake but yet you say I can't do justice, to me blood is red but to you it's just water
A scream is a cry for pain, but to you it's just another act by a pretentious miser
An eye sees it all but my eyes can't be trusted to give a statement for the weak

A hand can stop the injustice but you tied the hands of conscience with the chains of ignorance 
A child goes to sleep with an empty stomach, yet even your hair feast on the fruits from heaven
A tear and a drop of sweat falls down from the face of a helpless child, yet you don't feel the pain
Miles are walked on foot by the people under the bright sunshine yet you can not walk mere meters without an umbrella

Justice is sold out in briefcases filled with cash, yet you say the courts are independent and unbiased
Hatred is what is savaged when a person falls without a cause, revenge is in the eyes of the left behind 
A life lost is just number to you, two broken sentences you think are sufficient to cover the loss
Twenty families are the prey of the shots fired yet you stay hidden in your castle built from the money earned by our sweat

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