Sunday, 7 July 2013

Life's a circle, roll with it

In life we come across people and we see them leave, I used to think that I'd never meet friends or people like those again but as time passed by I met new people and some of them are a replacement to the leavers maybe even better than them cause they've been around for a longer time than the previous people and it's just a circle of life that you have to stick around with the ones who are in your life not the ones who are not cause they left on their own accord.
I know I'll meet them again sometime later on in life but I don't have any high hopes that they'll even remember my name so it's just a circle of life cause we pass hundreds of faces on the streets, some that we know and some which know us. You can you know believe in the fact that what comes around goes around and be happy with the people you have in your life right now.
In the end life's a circle and you have roll with it one way or another cause that's how it's meant to be.

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