Thursday, 4 July 2013

To a friend who left

Somethings are left unfinished cause that's the end to them, without a farewell we bid adieu to the lost
Lost you are till someone looks in the eye with the hope of finding you, time did not wait neither did you
Sands from the hourglass of time don't stop neither do they go back, just like you

Can't go back in time, I want to but it's just a wish that won't be granted
I regret makin those mistakes, I miss ya me amigo and I miss those time
Life will get better but it won't be the same without you, without the fun it'll be bland
I'ma wear the white overall and hold the title of doctor but you, I won't see you ever again
Cause you crossed over into the peaceful paradise of the eternal life, far away from all of us

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