Saturday, 25 March 2017

Arms of the Beloved

A mix of different flashbacks, some from my own eyes, some from the imagination by the words of few

History written with an ink, not ordinary, from the drops of blood and sweat
From the arms of the beloved, to the embrace of the final departure
The colors of life, highlights of the finer events, from dusk till dawn
Emotions, felt by some, wanted by many and held on by a few
The drought brought about by the famine, thirst for a few drops
An oasis, a moment of hope for the hopeless, came too close too soon
Just a mirage, days passed, pages of my writings, a new feeling for a chapter
Eyes keen to look around, confidence locked inside, an opportunity 
Trembling hands, numbness, anxiety, ventilate, a life lays in front
Entrusted with lives, an injection, and they sleep, resting their life in your hands
A sharp knife cuts through the skin cleaned with anti septic, my eyes trace the movements
Precision matters, flesh gives away, a life inside a life, floating in a fluid
The first cry, as you inhale, smiles on the faces around, a moment never to be forgotten
Divided by color, religion and torn between choices, the child grows
As the light shines bright over the skin, they lie paralyzed, bless the start of a journey
Believe, pray, rationalize or visualize, whatever you may choose, yours is just an effort
The first time you couldn't save, tears will be hard to hold back, sleep distant, life too sad
The first you would save a life, tears of joy, a smile, colors will fill the emptiness
Till the day, down to the last breath, a hero, walk to where the lights of glory are
Concatenation follows a route, as the journey unravels, destinations lie ahead
At the end of the line, stand tall, look around, you might have been a miracle for some
Smile, for smiles never cost, cry as tears define your values, help, for help spreads smiles
The last breath of air, in the arms of my beloved, we walked together but now I must depart
Save the memories, cherish what we had, you were the rain when drought prevailed

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