Saturday, 18 March 2017

What's it like to lose a patient

What's it like to lose a patient Who are patients? Frail human being who trust doctors with their lives, believing that a doctor possesses a magical wand. The first patient I saw cross the barrier over to the other side, was to the majority a bitter soul, his aggression would make everyone want to leave him be, I was merely a student but my curiosity never ceased to exist. The pancreatic cancer was in its final stage, survival rate was as low and there was no chance of having any brighter hopes; not at this stage. It was a July evening, monsoon season had already started, heavy showers were expected, for the first time I saw his family, 2 children and a wife. As I stood watching from the glass window, there was this sight which I couldn't forget, the way he looked at his family, a smile was all what he had on his face. As painful as it is to see a husband and a father breathe his last breaths, the family went outside in tears, but something felt changed, there's a sweet side to every bitter soul, a side hidden from the majority and revealed only to a few close ones. He had reasons to put up a bitter shield, but he had reasons to have a kinder side too. Every patient I saw after that day held a special place, listen to understand, everyone can smile And a smile is a silent token of appreciation for caring when people were weak and entrusted you with something without a price, a connection with multiple lives, a life, a soul.

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