Thursday, 23 March 2017

Tea, Rain and just me

Ever feel that you need a good cup of tea, a bit of rain and silence all around.
No music, no company, just so you are able to enjoy the weather and dedicate the time to yourself and yourself alone.
How often is that we indulge in thinking about what others will say, what others will think and what will be the outcome of this or that, what will be the impact of a certain outcome, should I speak, should I go up and try this procedure, should I write this or should I choose that option, do I need another cup of tea, can I do a research on this topic, is it even possible to try, can I plan something, should I even write this post, can I leave early today, can I skip gym today, do I have any excuses to cover myself, I forgot this work what would I do now, ah I'm wearing the wrong the surgical cap the wrong way, am I dressed too formally, tea or coffee, sleep or awake.
Don't you get tired of thinking about it all and making a choice for every single thing.
I do, and I want my cup of tea, some rain, no thoughts till I finish that cup of tea.

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