Sunday, 12 March 2017

The easy way out

 An Arabic word which is now characterized by controversies everywhere be it in the glamorous cities of Europe and America or the "traditional" cities of elsewhere, Hijab has been in the eyes.
Some use it as a symbol of modesty, others incorporate it as a fashion trend and then there are some who don't have a say in what they wear.
It's not a controversy but it has been made into a controversy by the acts of some people.
Catholic nuns wear veils, Tichel is worn by married orthodox Jewish women.
The problem starts at the grass root level, take for example a simple discussion about growing up, puberty, reproduction could be beneficial, in this society parents think that children will learn it by themselves and then go along with how their parents expect them to go around. That's not the case, I learnt about it all from my friends it was so awkward, yet being so afraid to ask is it true?
A couple of years ago on a social media platform I came across a "Grande Horizontale" from the same city but from a very posh area. Our conversation didn't last more than a few days, I asked her about her family and she said she left her family because they couldn't understand her. According to her she was pretty happy where she was. I was 17 back then I didn't know much to ask, I was just surprised to have come across her.
So we bury things when we should talk about them and sort them out and we think that burying things is the right thing to do but it creates so much confusion inside the young minds that at times it results in drastic choices being made.
Things should be dealt with in a clear, crisp and concise manner, we'll be having a much peaceful life that way.

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