Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Simple fixes

I was wanting to put a new post but my laptop wasn't just interested in working.
There was another laptop which apparently had some issues with WiFi, since my laptop decided not to work I was very much interested to making this one work as this was the simplest fix to the problem.
I looked up a number of places to see what could be the problem, from pressing different combinations of keyboard keys to reinstalling the network drivers, nothing worked out. I read somewhere that there was a WiFi key somewhere on these laptops but I couldn't find it anywhere.
Frustrated I closed the lid harshly and started to look around for this so called key.
Just around the disc drive there was tiny switch with a red color marking, i turned it to the other side and voila everything started to work out perfectly.
Temporarily I got a fix and I don't need to update my laptop right away.
Just one simple fix, had I known this before it would've been so easy all over.
Similarly a simple ice breaker could work wonders, some people I thought would be hard to talk to but in reality it was the exact opposite.
Early in the day I had to rush to a place, putting undue stress on my mind as well as the engine of the car, being a potential risk, it wasn't worth it. Didn't enjoy the drive.
At college it was great to see that my favorite parking place was open again.
I tried something called ASMR which stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, a collection of different sounds to relax or as they call give you head orgasm. It was a pretty good experience, had a very much relaxed sleep afterwards and I hadn't had that sort of pleasure in ages, so if you are stressed do check it out. I'm gonna use it as a treat for once in a while when I really need to wind off. 

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