Monday, 20 March 2017

My book, My Friend

I forgot my bag at college today, feeling pretty sad about it cause the books I had in it were loaded with the notes I had written on them and when you read a book you develop a sort of a relationship with it, then it becomes somewhat like a loyal companion who will be there to guide you around the desert, help you find shelter when there's a sandstorm out there and is like a canteen which has water exactly when you need it the most.
So what would you do if you lose something as valuable as a book,if though there would be a  million books of the same edition, published by the same printing press and sold by the same shop but it wouldn't have your personal touch, your name, your writing, your notes and the ink which would have been a witness to your hard work and commitment.
My book was my friend whether of Pathology or of Otolaryngology, and I miss my friend

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