Thursday, 16 March 2017


Psychiatry is a very interesting,intriguing, captivating and a subject which is very applicable in everyday life. Learning about it can help you in a lot of ways, know what's coming your way, how the people will react, what the human defense mechanisms are and how you can navigate your way around people.
Yesterday at the gym I had a brief conversation with a corporate banker and in my views they are very excellent at getting to know people in just a few minutes, he said it's all about how you are able to manipulate a conversation in going towards your specific direction. 
At times it's good to show that you have a bigger heart but at times you need to take a stand for yourself and I took a stand for myself today.
What did it cost me? a petty friendship in the short run, but in the long run a lot of peace of mind, a lot of stress free situations, a crystal clear picture, how bad would the social isolation be? I'm fairly used to being all by myself so it doesn't even matter now. 
So coming to the topic of the post, Ethics. In healthcare there are some clearly defined areas and there are some grey areas. A simple wording would be you can clearly define some boundaries in some cases while in other you have to make do with what you think is the best just like the spelling of grey, it can be Grey or Gray. 
There was a psychiatry lecture today and the topic was same as that of the post, and I thought about writing it then and there but the lecture was so relate-able that I had to leave that thought.
When you are dealing with someone you should be well aware of what and who you are dealing with, what the consequences of such a deal might be and what would you gain from them.
Dealing means a lot of things, a simple conversation, a planned talk, a transaction or whatever it maybe, it's supposed to be something.
I thought I was dealing with a former friend but it turned out he wasn't worthy of being called a friend, the consequence was that I would lose a so called friend and some strings of friends (people I never socialize with), what I would gain would be a clear picture, an answer, a good way to plan my work and a good amount of peace.
Do I regret making that call? No!
What would I say at the end of this post, something the professor said "Don't be a fool and a tool in their hands, Be honest with yourself and Don't compromise on integrity."
It was a very good lecture for me at least it was.
Even though the things he said were mostly related to other people involved both directly and indirectly with healthcare but I believe these are general life lessons applicable to everyone's life and it's good to have a few bumps because they would save you from a pothole.
be honest with yourself of what you would be getting, leave those few days of having friends and killing your self respect and self esteem, look for the bigger picture.
What I learnt at the end. Hmmm it's good to talk but it's better to stick to better choice of vocab, using derogatory vocabulary only reveals how good someone's brought up was.
I saw my parents be professionals and professionalism calls for having a respect towards your colleagues, making a few compromises for the bigger picture but don't make those compromises at the cost of your self respect.
Live your life, love it, earn it, paint it, and don't make compromises where you don't need to.
Take a stand, make life meaningful and the next time you hear personally derogatory comments just  realize that they don't have something that you do and that's called a logical mind
They only come to those lows when there's nothing solid in their grasp and never let anything solid come in their hands, keep your guard high, don't think every other friend would be that friend and just be where you would be comfortable.

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