Thursday, 30 March 2017

A Tailor

A perfect fit around the shoulders, two buttons to complement You intend to find the perfect fit the first time An effort you will need and nothing comes easy But a perfect fit, if tried hard enough A drop of sweat or a drop of tear, hard to differentiate by some Some of them never felt being left behind Not everyone shares the same passion, not everyone has the same dream But everyone does dream, to dream is to see the impossible as a possibility To visualize is to hold the impossibility in your hands To imagine is to grasp the victory in your hands But a price you will have to pay, to make it a reality Not every hand will leave a mark of perfection A need for a tailor to get a perfect fit, do you agree? A perfect fit is what you were always made for I'll tailor, tailor you around the edges, I'll stitch you together A perfect fit was what I always wanted A tailor never leaves his abandons of perfection