Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Rags to riches on the drag of life, shifts and drifts around the bends and into the trends
Smoke and flame from the exhausts and into the air, revs all around the roads paved and unpaved
Blood rushing and fussing all over the mind, time slows down and in control you seem to be
Red lines are highlighted when limits are crossed just like the tail lights when breaks are applied

Roars are heard when you soar high on the speeds, for a thrill a shrill is heard
Seen is a ray of light when you're high on the flight, heard is a scream when a dream is fulfilled
Flash of the headlights is what a signal for a mingle, not with love but with the flow
Rules are for the schools, the sound of the thrill is what is a melody to the soul

A turn of the steering wheel is what makes a turn in and out of the bend
A laugh of victory is what I have when all you see are the tail lights shining bright ahead

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