Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Mistakes and blunders

We make mistakes and errors everyday, so here's to errors and mistakes

Crash and burn is what we do every day in life, errors and mistakes do never leave us alone
Nothing can be brought up to the mark of perfection and mistakes can't be omitted
A wrong turn causes a crash, a mistake in the paper causes the grade, a simple error brings you down
You may have grown into a man or a lady but yet you'll make mistakes every now and then.

As you grow, the only thing that age will tell you is how to make bigger blunders
Blunders and mistakes are in proportion to age, they both are friends till eternity
You can break a toy when you're a child, you can break a heart when you're old
You can kill a flower when you're young, you can kill someone when you grow up.

You can walk away from a challenge when you're a kid but you can walk away from life when you're old
You can spread a smile when you're young, you can take away that smile when you grow up.

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