Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Some say it's writer's block, while some say you've ran out of ideas. Interesting but considering the fact that we observe so many things and think so many thoughts each and every day it's highly unlikely that we are out of ideas.
When you can't write the mere cause of this is the fact that your words don't fill in the blanks thus you can't pen down your ideas. Ideas can't be ran out of, it's the words that have play a part in a writing, suppose you don't have words then how can you explain your ideas, you can either make an illustration but that too will require some sort of words or you can simply make a sketch in the air and none can understand.
Words are the backbone of a writings and if you have loads of words on you I don't think that you'll ever run out of ideas cause a topic arises from a conversation that going on and mostly we humans are indulged in conversations, and also provided that your words click at the moment of need. What's the point of having something when you can't use it in the time of need.


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