Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Kill isolation with the right people

I read it somewhere that if you are a tree then your friends are your roots and love is the fruit which you bore on your branches. A fruitless tree can survive but a rootless tree can not.
That saying is legit and I'm blessed to have a few strong roots on which I stand strong on this ground, my friends a.k.a. the roots of my tree aren't in hundreds, they are just in the one digit category so a very few friends I have but they're there for me. But not every friend that I make is like those fe people, yeah they may get somewhat close to me but at the end of the day I know that they're gonna walk away so even when there are strings attached I cut them when they leave so that the leavers can happily leave.
Similarly, in life not everyone will care what happens to you and I, some will just stand there and watch as life is taken away from the body in which we are known by the people we came across, some will be there but they'll be a very few people who'll be there for you. Pushing yourself or anyone who cares is not the solution to anything.
It's another step to kill isolation but to kill it with the help of the right people.

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