Sunday, 30 June 2013

Your health take care of it

I know that I haven't updated the blog regularly I apologise for that but the thing is that I wasn't feeling well for the past few days and the truth is that I ain't feeling any better right now too.
Today what I wanna post about is your own health and your safety, we all lose temper or do something in anger that affects our health and the signs or the damage may be seen right after or it may take awhile to come to the surface, well I have got that and for three or four days I'm having this severe headache and a lot of other symptoms that are referring to the fact that there might be some damage.
The anger or the rage at that time was not worth anything, it kinda made me realize that how weak it makes you cause you can't do anything properly.
I'm gonna make it short.
All of you take care and before you lose the temper think about the aftermath and everything.
Take care, Adios amigos

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