Wednesday, 19 June 2013


To some I maybe out of the blue
To some I may take away the smiles from their lips
To some I may colour their lives with the paint of happniess
To some I maybe a stranger in the night without the moon.

You may know what I mean to say but my words slip around
You may find my words without emotions and warmth
Just like the leaves fallen in the time of autumn
The blood turned blue and the heart no longer beating

The sketches that I make are without colours
Lines of the black ink spread all around the pages
Little do you know why my words are without the warmth of emotions
Were you there when she said " she's out of love"

Emotions don't need colour to be warm
Words don't need to read aloud to express the meaning
Silence speaks the words I wanted to say when I stand looking out for you
But you don't read the eyes nor do you hear my voice

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