Thursday, 6 June 2013

Curiosity and sanity

Why does your curiosity not cease for a moment, every act of curiosity is torn apart from conscience 
Why do you break a heart knowing that you can't fix it, why do you play with emotions knowing that you can't pay for the tears
Why do you take away a smile knowing that you'll steal someone's beauty, why do you steal when you can't give it back
Why do you walk away from someone knowing that you can't hold back time, why don't you stay and stick around.

Why doesn't your answer satisfy my question, why don't your reasons have authenticity in their words
Why can't you hold on to yourself and not change, why can't you just hold back everything to the way it used to be?
Why can't words justify for the lost time, why can't you not go insane with your curiosity in this world where everyone has feelings
Why can't you be sane and be drenched only partially in the honey of curiosity.

Are curiosity and sanity friends or foe, does sanity end the curiosity or does curiosity put an end to sanity
It's not the two who control the mind it's the person reading this that decides whether sanity and curiosity are friends or foe

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