Saturday, 8 June 2013

Be cool the way you are and kill isolation

It's been a long time since I posted on with the kill isolation movement, well back with a new subtopic.
Being cool is mostly everyone's dream and if we define "being cool" by being surrounded with people who have absolutely no interest in you but their interest lies in what you own then sorry but that's not a definition of being cool. Being cool is all about being loved by people for what you truly are.
Everyone wants to own a ferrari or a lamborghini or a maserati but owning them won't actually make you cool, having something in you to make people love you for what you are is all about being cool.
You may be different or a freak according to some people but if you have people who truly love you for the way you are then you are a cool person cause you impress people not by showing off things but by showing diversity which impresses people from every walk of life. Not everything is related to a full wallet, love can be found in a broken house, it can be absent from a palace filled with all the luxuries of life. Be what you are, there maybe a few people who love you for yourself in the start but as time passes along you'll find that others will join in cause if there's no originality then there's nothing left to make you have that cool factor on you for a long time. Having different opinions or choices shouldn't make you feel insecure about what people will think as it's your life and you know what's better cause you're driving your own life not anyone else, let someone else run your life and make our decisions but are you sure that they'll be there with when you are facing the aftermath of their made decision, a very few people will be there and you can even number them say 4-5, yes alone those are who will be there for you none else.

Kill isolation by being cool the way you truly are, don't copy cause then your originality will be lost.

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