Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sanity and Insanity

Insanity comes cheap, sanity costs a fortune
You and I go round in circles, insane we are for we live in the land of dreams
We do replace the reality with our own fantasies
You and I go round in circles for we have lost the sanity

Climb we can the highest mountain, but in the dreams that we dream
Swim we can across the seven oceans, but in the land of fantasy
Distances can be washed away but with the sands of insanity
Lost we are for sanity left us all alone in the desert of the world

Winds do blow, rains do pour down but all in the land of insanity
There's a slight difference between the two words
But two different dimensions are what they are called
Insanity is where the dreams start to replace reality
Sanity is where you and I ran away from holding hands together

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