Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Another of the verses

All the right reasons for the tight turns of the seasons, in the cold dead night
Soaked in the dreadful silence, lips whisper but not a single word is heard
The angel of death hovers above the lifeless body, drained is every single drop of soul
Taken away is every smile that those lips ever had, returned are the tears that were once held back.

Missed will and are the laughs that were once shared, those moments are filled with tears, colourless and bland they are
A smile replaced with a tear, a laugh replaced with a cry and the fun replaced with sorrow
The bright colours are replaced with black and white, memories just stored in the photos that were once clicked
A farewell was what I could not attend nor could I speak to you for the last time neither did I see you in the last days.

Why is everything going hazy when I look around who's a friend worth hanging around with
Why isn't there a shoulder like yours to cry on to whom, why aren't you breathing, why are you buried and why aren't you smiling like you should be?

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