Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Changed my perspective

Earlier today morning I was waiting outside in the car so I started looking around the road and something caught my eye, I saw an old man of about 60-65 years of age and with him was a mentally handicapped grown up man of about 30 years of age, the expressions of love were so clear that you could even see them with both of your eyes closed. That man loved his son so much that he was taking him out for a walk even though he should be resting and the sun was not showing any mercy it was pretty darn hot outside, I was sitting in the car with the a/c turned on the sun wasn't much of a bother to me cause I had something to cool myself with but that image, that view it changed the whole thinking perspective that I had, family means a lot even though you and I may have a ton of things with which we wouldn't agree but damn man that was something to raise a child like that and love him with all your efforts and there was no regret on the face of that man, he seemed as if he was taking his 7 year old kid to a park or someplace to play with him. Rarely do any of us see such a sight where there's love that you can see and feel. Driving around in a new car or having all the expensive stuff that I wanted I kinda took it for granted but that part is long gone.

Some of us take our family for granted and say or think that we'll meet someone who'll be better but how can you find a substitute for someone who raised you? I know I am wrong cause in certain cases people suffer from the hands of their family all over the world this happens not only in Pakistan, south-east asia or the 3rd world countries but this is a global issue. Some of us take family, love, wealth, fame and fortune for granted but when it gets taken away only then they open their eyes.
Don't take anything for granted cause there are some people who don't have what we have even though they didn't steal anyone's rights they don't have the things they deserve cause the world is a harsh place, open your eyes before it's too late.

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