Friday, 14 June 2013

Different ones

Not everyone's a diamond neither is everyone coal, not every smile has a reason
A question is to be asked, Is every tear that is shed real or is it the sweat from your brows?
Is every heartbeat felt for a person or is it for survival, why do we replace reality by dreams?
Why do questions not address the situation? Why do answers not kill the curiosity?

Why heartbreaks kill a part of the soul, by taking away the happiness from the faces.
Why do we replace the truth by the lies to win, knowing that we all will lose in the end?
Why is there something that keep you to go on, even when you give up on the world.
Why are there questions in these verses, why can't I put in the answers to them?

Yesterday was to be history but yet it still is a mystery to most of us, tomorrow is a mystery but to some it's lost as history
Why can the forecast not be silent, why can't you and I not guess everything about life.
Why can't we seal our lips, cause it hurts to be at fault and it hurts to fall down from the peak of importance?
But we can climb if we fall down from a mountain, but on a different mountain in another climb cause there's a blizzard from where we fell down.

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