Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A mutual problem.

I never plan anything but for this one post I did some homework cause the I go through this one in a while, feelings is what we all have, they are more like strings unseen cause they make you trip and fall down without you noticing them around. We fall into the well of the memories only to be swelled up with the past, these flashbacks do get on my nerves at times.
The problem is that you and I really don't know how to handle the situation or what to do about it, cause these flashbacks kind of make you live in fantasies or in the day dreams which is again highly unrealistic and takes a person away from what's going around into the world once made by ideas and creativity. It's like a bubble of glass which when shattered by the arrows of reality hurts a lot, like a thousand needles. Long story short, why are you and I there in the first place? That's where you should begin your search and then from there go on to ask yourself a few more question like why can't you move away? Is the reason holding you back here something worth fighting for or is it just wasting your time? Ask yourself these question and then do what you think is the right choice, if you want some help I'll simply say it's time to move on, if someone can put you in the past then I'm pretty sure that you and I, we both can do the same.

It's been far too long being stuck there waiting in the dark, it's time to step out into the sun and embrace the new beginning. 

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