Sunday, 16 June 2013

Don't expect the same.

This post is all about the title of the blog, flashbacks and the reality, somethings make you believe that the past can be relieved once again but what has happened is history and not a mystery. A text, a call or mail can make you think that hey maybe things can go back to what they were some time or a long time ago, but that's just a flashback, what reality is that it's just a fling which won't even last an hour or even less so it's better that you forget that there was even something in your inbox or in you call log from a certain "someone". 
It may not be a good idea to cut out some things but it's the only way you can move ahead and be happy in life. If you reply someone, you should not expect the same from him or her cause not everyone is you neither does the other person has time for you, you took time to reply to help someone that's good, that's positive because you may have helped someone in an unimaginable way. 
But it's time to move on and live in reality cause living in the past or in the flashbacks won't earn you what you want cause it's lost, you have lived with what it had to offer before it ran out. 

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