Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Quartz or diamond?

Don't substitute your real friends with those who seem to be popular. Popularity and friendship don't go hand in hand and you can't kiss popularity and friendship at the same time. 
If you are to choose to hang out between a popular person and your school friends hang out with your school friend cause these are the memories that you'll hold onto.  Popular folks are everywhere they're not rare,  friends are rare.  You can easily find seasonal friends in the popular people as long as you'll have something to offer they'll stick around and when you run out of things to offer they'll walk by like you didn't mean anything.
I'm not saying that every popular person is like that, what I mean to say is that don't go on looking  for substitutes for your friends cause when you hold the better thing in your hand and leave in search for the best thing you'll only come to realise that what you once held was the best thing out there but now that best thing is in the hands of the better person cause you let it leave your hands.

Quartz is cheap and easy to get but your friendship is like a diamond hard to find and the tag does not bear a price cause you're priceless. 

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