Thursday, 30 May 2013

The real people

Meeting new people is an itegral part of our life, knowing about them and their past is a lesson that show us how they got through their lives. I'm not talking about the famous people, here I simply am referring to anyone you meet or come across. I thought my life was tough but then I met a person and his life was just sheer pain, memories from the past and everything.
When you and I don't know about anything and we say somethings it hurts to know what we said after knowing about those people's lives. Nothing once said can be taken back, it's their generosity that they forgive us cause what they've gone through it's just sheer pain which just rips out everything from hope to a smile. Nothing stays the same. It's easy for us to tell them to smile but can you and I smile after going through that much pain. They are the real people and I'd like to salute them cause they still forgive and befriend which is the noblest thing to do. But we on the other hand will go on to rip each other in half cause they said something about us, give a moment of pause and realize that shouldn't those real people rip us in half after hearing us say stuff about their lives. They can, they have right to do so but they forgive and that's what being a human is all about.

Brave are the people who carry on to live even after going through the sheer, raw pain of losing someone infront of their eyes.

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