Saturday, 11 May 2013

A photographer, a writer

Every life has it's own story, it's own background and there's a reason to why people are like this and that, if we don't know that reason we don't hold any right to say something that would judge them. 
A critque looks at both the faces of a photo before giving his or her feedback and if we are to make ourself a critque I suggest that we first get acquainted with both sides of the photo cause one maybe a masterpiece or a work of art but the other side maybe a blunder or an artisitc chaos. 
A photographer takes hundreds pf photos before putting up one good one for the people to see, in a way we all are photographers taking pictures of our life, spending time to find the right one for the people to see.
You're a writer, working on a draft of your masterpiece and you're cutting and scartching to make it perfect, yes it has to be perfect that's why you're putting so much effort into it.