Friday, 10 May 2013

Kill isolation by being with your true friends

It's been a while since I posted about the killing isolation movement so here I am back with yet another experience of mine which I'm hopefully gonna turn into a good post for the movement.

We all have known hundreds of people whom we can call our friends but you know those we can call friends aren't friends they can be called but they aren't called friends cause friends can break every law just to save you from but they can be called friends are just there to say hmm I'm sorry man I wish I could help, but there was this reallt close friend of mine, used to be best friends in grade 8 and 9 still good friends, whom I had a falling out with, I still remember it I got into a fight with one of his friends and it would have ended really badly if he didn't intervene honestly I wouldn't be alive if it weren't for him, then when the rx-8's clutch became faulty I took it to his place and then it was there for a few days cause it wouldn't pick a gear, it was eid so a national holiday and i was 10 km away from home with no cellular reception, it's people like these on whom you can count on to be your friends.Then there was this bestir of mine who passed away, he too was a true friend but what happened today it's kinda shattering the images of people I used to call my friends.
I may not have a ton of friends but I still got a few on whom I can count on in the tough times. Friends are one of the most imporant pillars of life and when you're with friends you don't isolate, you speak your heart and mind out without any hesistation.
Choose your friends wisely and once you choose them stick with them and for them whenever you can, life isn't easy and life isn't fun without a few good people in our lives. Run 10 extra miles for them if you have to but don't ever leave them alone cause life's doesn't give you a chance to go back in time again.
When you're with your friends you don't need to talk to make them understand what's going on cause once you are true friends all you need to do is look at their face to know what's happening.

Kill Isolation by being with your true friends.

If you're a rose then your friends are the thorns protecting you 24/7.

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