Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A bond that holds you two

The pain of losing someone is unbearable, family or friend cause there's this bond beetween you and the other person and none can take that place nor can a bond of that value be made with anyone else again that's the reason why we miss people in our lives.
Some of us have to go through these priceless losses early in our lives, some go through them later on, they say time heals all the wounds but the scars are there forever, certain memories pierces these scars and the pain comes back. That loss can't be paid for by any means cause once people leave this world they don't come back. Attachment is the bond holding you two together even when they aren't here, leave no words unsaid when you have the chance to say what you want.
Pain can be suppressed but it can't go away cause if it went away then there'd be no string that attached you and the other person.

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