Friday, 24 May 2013

It's good to get lost to be what you were

It's been a year since I have been a regular into the digital world, I've met a lot of people and befriended most of them, some of them left for various reason and it's just been a year but I've changed a lot cause I lost a lot but at the same time I did gain somethings but they weren't enough to fill the void otherwise there wouldn't be anything to change me.
Let's see last year I was a die hard apple fan but I switched to android when I got my hands on the galaxy note and honestly I don't feel like going back, the iphone I have is just lying there and I rarely use it. Last year I barely used my laptop but I started using it and now I rarely use the tablet. Last year I was a fan of the gas guzzing suv's but now I usually prefer the hybrids, they actually have a very smooth ride. Last year I was always surrounded with friends but I lost my bestie this year and that changed me a lot cause it's just the fact known that life's not a friends to anyone. I never was into going squirrels on the road but this year I do it almost everytime. The one thing that is the same about me is the fact that I'm always experimenting whether on the road, in the kitchen, in the labratory or with my phone I'm always trying to do something new and weird. I got more into photography and I rarely write poems nowadays.
Things happen, we change and nothing remains the same both physically and emotionally but one thing will always be there and that's love. Love can always bring you back to what you used to be and it's good to be back once in a while.

It's good to get lost and be what you were a long time ago cause that's how you find yourself.

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