Sunday, 5 May 2013

Don't break someone's hope

If you're a student this one goes out for you, it's a personal experience of mine, I love my college and I'm happy that I studied there but there's one thing that never would get by and that was that none of my college teachers could look into what I really was. At times I had answers and I had explanations to most of the problems but I left interest in classes cause they told my parents that I was not attentive and I was non serious maybe that's what I wanted everyone to see, it didn't matter nothing ever did matter to me after those comments, why would I show you my talents when all you got for me is that?
I honestly don't know where I was wrong, I gave up I did all cause of what my teachers said, I mean if I can't do anything throw me out of the class, but why do you have to hurt the passion and the will of a student, we all make mistakes and but a damn broken sentence of appreciation would help people like me but no we are too much of a bother for teachers like you. I worked so damn hard for that stupid group presentation but did you ever appreciate my efforts? I never did disrespect you but could you ever see anything out of it?  NO, NOPE, NEVER all I was a stupid guy who got lucky maybe I did get lucky maybe I'm stupid but I'm gonna make a challenge I'm gonna reach the heights, the heights which you think your favourite students will climb and then I'm gonna show you what luck can do.
I don't disrespect any of my teachers, never did and never will but there's this expectation that you have that maybe one day they'll recognise you but that day doesn't ever come. I'm silent, I don't talk a lot in class and yeah my class participation is zero, I never did care about goup work or class stuff after that group assignment.

If you're a teacher then don't break a spirit inside of a student cause that's equalent of taking away a life and that makes you a killer. You're there to help students not break them from inside cause one sentence is enough to kill hope or to shine hope.

Don't break someone's hope cause they're not your favourites.

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  1. That is stupid, what you teacher did. But like you said, that doesn't mean that you should give up. If anything, it means that you should try harder. You CAN achieve everything you want to. Regardless of what others do or do not say. All you need is you. Xx