Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Kill fear and escape isolation

We live our lives in fear but why? Fear does not help to get better at something, it rather takes away the courage to stand up to a challenge. Fear of something won't help you be a better person rather it'd get you to  put yourself down, bow down for others and to let them get ahead. Put up a fight for what should and is yours, don't back down from your rights and don't walk away thinking that you're no match and that you can't compete.

You need to let that fear out of your life, laugh, smile, be happy and kill fear cause one thing holding you to the anchor of isolation. I used to be fearful of what'll happen if I do this and that but then I learnt that you gotta take what's yours or else you just hand it out to people, since I'm tired of handing my stuff to people I put up a fight and it's about making an impression that you can win something with something or without something.
I learnt something behind the wheels, it's not about driving a big engine, a S.U.V or a fancy sports car along in the traffic rush hour and the fancy car or the S.U.V will be far behind the hatchback, it's about the courage to take what you have to the edge to where the red line starts. Your life is yours not fear's.
In a way isolation and fear go hand in hand, to separate the two you have to have a strong will, break the tie between the two and live your life like you should.

Live your life to the fullest, kill fear and escape isolation.

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