Wednesday, 8 May 2013

I'm back people!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so first thing is first, I missed blogging so I'm back even though I have a paper in 23 hours I'm here blogging.
The paper went really good so thank you for all your prayers and wishes. There's something that I was meaning to talk about and it was believing in yourself, what's right and then standing by what's right and not letting it go down.
Different people have different approaches, some of us side with books all around and some want breaks here and there, honestly I'll tell you guys something it's not a matter of how much hours you bang your head in books it's about learning with you heart and soul, doing what you love and just looking at your own work.
Life's a long journey and we all are driving our own cars, you should look at your own road not on what road the others are going cause that way you're most likely to crash down and not a lot of people like to stop and help.

Just be what you truly are, a drop of rain quenches thirst and a ray of sunlight shines hope, don't look too far away inside is what you truly are, maybe a drop of rain or maybe a ray of sunlight

Okay people wish me luck and pray for me, need your prayers and love.
Thank you for reading and have a great day :)

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