Sunday, 5 May 2013

The guilted thrill

Today, I was on the road and driving a v6 I wanted to put it down to the max it could go and it was actually pretty dumb cause I was risking lives anyhow I did and I was well over 90 km/h on the allowed 40km/h and those were the side roads and the suburban roads, it was dumb and i was breaking all traffic codes and regulations but I wanted to see how much could it give and how much could I control it.
There were times when I could feel that everything did get slow there were cars coming from the other side and all but it was something that saved me otherwise I wouldn't be here typing this blog.
Yes thrill is what we want but at the cost of several lives no that's not thrill that's insanity. Agreed there was not enough traffic but a single flick on the steering wheels and that could have made things worse for everyone. The power, the sheer raw power that engine produces it's amazingly impressive, at high speeds due to adrenalin rush we all are very cautious making turns and looking around carefully but the adrenalin does not allow clear thinking, it only wants you to get out of that position one way or another, but this over cautiousness at times can cause deadly accidents to occur. I wanted to test it and floor it, I did but honestly I'm not proud of it. Satisfied I am knowing that I did what I wanted to but this thrill is not guilt free.

Enjoy life, kiss the thrill but not at the sake of lives cause this thrill is shortlived but the guilt is forever on you.

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