Saturday, 4 May 2013

You're not here but you're everywhere man.

You're not here anymore man but just wanted to tell everyone that no one could ever take your place.
In life we make friends and we lose friends some very early and some later on and at times memories just don't always click but I was going through to the photos and i was looking at those of you, you were my best friend still are but we don't have photos of us two together but just when I see those photos of college every memory just comes running back to me like I'm back in time every detail every thing just fits itself and it seems like a reality but it ain't.  Who knew that you'd leave so soon? Who knew that I couldn't even say good bye to you? Things just took a turn and i honestly didn't expect anything and I didn't belive anything at first but time forced me to believe it. 

You may have love but you'll know it's value when you lose tha love.  You may drive a Ferrari but you'll only know it's importance when you lose it. You may have a watch made out of diamonds but you'll only know it's value when you won't have  a watch to wear . You may have that one best bud but you'll only know his or her true value when they're not around here anymore . You may have a wallet full of cash but you'll only know the value of that filled wallet when you don't even have 2 cents on you . You may say life sucks but you'll know it's value when your breathe your last breath.

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