Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Inter-related lives

When ever I look back at what I used to be and what I am now there's this debt that I owe you guys. Ups and down you been there for me, when I couldn't speak to anyone around me as I found it hard to explain to use words to convey my thoughts so I'd always text or mail you cause you guys understood what I wanted to convey.
Break ups, bad days, some things that I heard or simply just memories I always found you out there pulling me back up whenever I fell down. Lives are inter-related with one another if you are to share something with someone you give an insight on how your life is and by doing so you make them a part of your life.
Knowing you gave me a lot to learn and befriending you was the best thing that I ever did. Distance does not account for anything if you can connect with and understand the people with whom you're talking to. There are 2 sides of a photograph, the first one is what we usually show the clear and crisp one without any blur, the other side is a blurred, shaken and a side that we all hide but hiding that side makes us create an image of perfection in front of the other's eyes. Though I have seen a bit of your other side and you may have seen a bit of mine I'd like to say that whatever I saw it just made me believe that your life, mine or anyone's life it's not that different cause we see a bit of everyone's life as we walk on this road of life. Problems won't go away by isolating yourself and there won't be a solution if you were to pick a fight.
Look around and you'll find a few good friends. 
There's this research they are doing nowadays that without friends life gets short. It's true actually you lose the will and hope to meet the next day with a challenge knowing how it'll end, life being a routine no change and so things get on getting hard, no one to share things with and then we all get depressed and isolated thus life does get short, short on fun and enjoyment but long on the routine and the schedule. 

If I were to hide what I truly I am then to you I'd be perfect but then perfection would come too cheap and too easy. 

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