Friday, 10 May 2013

Guilted thrill part 2

Guilted thrill doesn't ever go away and today was far more dangerous than the last time, I don't know what I was thinking or what was in my head but it's just the thrill.
I did an over take by going off the road and there were trees on the side which I went on plus there was a concrete pillar and it was sheer luck that I got back on the road (after the over-take) otherwise bassshh there would have been a mess, I figured I can't stick to laws and I just want the thrill, I been used to do stuff like this and honestly there was no fear or anything, my brothers were scared cause even a fraction of a rotation would have swung us up in the air but there's the sixth sense of confidence, luck, life, hope and will in every decision that we make.
Don't back down and don't let people push you down or away just cause they think they own the road, if you can then go and take your lead, make them realise that it's your spot not theirs. reckless it maybe but you gotta take what's yours.
I'm not saying that you go on picking fights but take control of what's yours, do what you love and do it how you want it to. Hmmm I still haven't gone crazy with my dad's car, but I'm gonna do it cause life's a thrill no one hands you anything you gotta take the lead and run away with it.
I changed a lot from what I was last year and it's a good change, maybe bad according to some people but does it matter when it's your life.
Some people forgot me and some must have forgotten you but it's their loss not yours. So smile wherever you are cause the biggest win is being happy with what you are.

Live the thrill but don't risk lives, at times the confidence that we posses bring us down.

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