Sunday, 5 May 2013

Your position your life

It's not about doing it for the people it's about doing it for yourself the way you like and the way you want it to be done. looking around for people's opinion won't get you to excell rather at times it'll make you go down and you'll throw away for what you worked so hard cause of what someone thinks about it. Let me tell you this, they maybe jealous seeing that you got the potential to climb way past them on the ladder of success don't hang onto what people think cause it's not their fruit nor is it their life. Every one holds their opinion some maybe thinking about it in a rightful way and some or should I say mostly will be thinking on how to get you away from the streamline and into the shadows.
Think carefully before you take someone's opinion and put it in on your work cause life's a long run and you don't want to lose your position to someone else.

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