Friday, 3 May 2013

Isolation a rock

When you're isolated by your own family, it's hard to break that isolation cause at times you don't have anyone to talk to, your friends don't reply cause they are mostly busy, the fact is that you're all alone and nothing seems to kill that isolation, it eventually makes you drown deep inside of it and then you hardly feel like wanted, the fact which is at times correct cause when no one wants to talk you're unwanted.
Maybe you don't posses that quailty in you that'd make them talk with you or maybe they're tired of you, it's all a part of life,if you are to question why does it happen then you're mistaken as things like these don't go the way you wish them to go.
I've been isolated by my father at times, tried talking about it but things never do work out the way I wanted things to go, but what's my fault? Like every other child I wana know what's going on but that's not gonna happen.No matter how much you raise this one it won't get you any place cause it's his habit now and he can't and won't change it under any circumstance.
Don't go in with a sword and demand that your rights be delievered to you as those right are transferred to someone else, other siblings, your cousins or so on so forth.
At times I feel stupid for standing up for him because he doesn't want me to stand up for him or anything. The best solution that I ever got on my hands is find your hobby and indulge into that.
Take this isolation by your family productively and do what you like.

If isolation is a rock then your hope is the drop of water that constantly falls on it and breaks it in half

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