Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Be with people with whom you are comfortable

It's not about sitting in with the popular and the rich people, it's not about being in the popular group if you are being treated like a secretary, it's about being in the group of people with whom you feel comfortable irrespective of what their status might be in the eyes of the people.
Some people like to call people with different views names such as freak or weird or stupid and all that, but if you're so cool and all that why do you even call them names? To increase your coolness or to make sure that none takes your spot, popularity is like make up it washes away and when you got none of that make up to put on then people will see your real coolness. 
I have known a lot of people from every aspect of life you name it I've known em and socialised with them, the thing which pleased me the most was that honesty can be found everywhere, but don't generalise people into a category cause that's when you start making mistakes. 

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