Friday, 31 May 2013

Nothing feels right

Nothing feels right when you know of something bad is going to happen and you can't do anything about it. You jsut stand there helplessly and watch it all happen before your very own eyes.

Nothing feels right, nothing feels good, there's no reason to smile nor do I have a reason to share
Tears do falls like the waterfalls but without sound, but they don't quench the thirst of losing someone
A few muscles is what I need to smile, but why would I smile knowing that you're going away.
Away from where you can't come back, you can't come back to make me smile or laugh
Cause none can come back once you cross over to the other side.

Gone we all be will one day, tears will be shed by people if not many but by a few good people in life
Why would you take away the smiles and laughs away from the lives that we live by leaving us all alone
Life wasn't meant to be fair to anyone of us, but yet you are there to brighten up the day
But who will take your place after you cross over to the other side.
Colours are taken away when a life is lost, black and white is what the world seems to me

The bond of friendship was supposed to be kept alive till we breathed the last breath
Why walk away from something that'd be kept alive by hope and colours.

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