Monday, 6 May 2013

Kill isolation and learn

I've learnt something that made me move and it was that it's time to move on man, it's been too long since you been here and now it's time to just move on and look for new places where you can and should be. Find different people but don't leave the good friendds alone, in life you'll meet a few people who will be there with you and for you, as you go on with life you'll meet a lot of people who'll leave you some on good terms and some on just terms.
The thing is that we should shuffle our places cause people need a change so do we, moving around changes the mind, the prespective and the views. I'm not that good enough with friends and I tend to lose more friends than I can stick around with. I met a poet today, he was a very cool fellow and talking with him gave me a new prespective, I've been writing poems and free verses in english a lot but if I use my mother tongue I can be far more expressive cause the mother tongue is what connects us and our thoughts as one, and that's what I want to do I mean that's what we all want to do and to be. When two people of the same nature meet it takes the two to break the ice but one of the two has to make a step forward.
Kill isolation and speak cause speaking is what is a blessing when you're alone, when you're alone all you'll have is walls around you even though they have ears but they don't have a tongue so they won't speak back to you. 
I spent hours trying to take this photo.  It's about doing what we love and how we do it. 
Make a step forward cause if you don't someone else will walk on your path.

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