Sunday, 21 April 2013

Not ours to hold

Why do we take a fall when the thing which we were running after wasn't meant to be ours? Why do we run along the people who we thought had a different love? Why do we isolate when we are rejected?.
These questions run our lives and the answer to these are what can make or break a bridge in someone's life and if that bridge is broken it's a matter of breaking a life into a thousand pieces just like a glass but if the person realises what the problem is and rectifies it then the bridge is made and he's solid like steel.
There was this dialouge in the mask of zorro between De lavega and Don Rafael where Rafael says sorry when De lavega's wife is killed (loved by both men) by Rafael's soilders to which De lavega replies "She was never yours to hold" that's the case when we run after somethings which are not ours.
We fall, we lose and then at times we realise that's what the important part is realising what is ours and what isn't.
Realise and work on that people. 

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  1. We do it so that we can be stronger. We fall so we can learn and get stronger. There is nothing wrong with fighting for something or someone that you want, if you want it enough. Without that, we'd have nothing.