Sunday, 28 April 2013

Killing isolation by choosing the right people

At the time of need people come to you for help and you do everything possible to help them out but when you're in need no one comes along. 
People are selfish cause everyone wants to look after their own benefits but why were we helping them out? when they needed help why were we there to help people get on their feet. Simply cause we had the moral conscious and the moral ethics.  I've been at that place a lot of time and what I've learnt that choosing right friends and the right people is the way to live. If we had chosen the right people at the start we could have stayed away from the self imposed isolation.
In life there are certain matters for which one should always be prepared for whether it's about an assignment, financial matters or a simple commitment one should always have the right people on his or her side. Never rely on those who have let you down on more than one occasion. 

Kill isolation by choosing the right people to befriend.

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  1. Sometimes you can't tell who is the right person to befriend and who isn't. It just depends. But I have to say, I am one of those people that sucks at helping others. I try, but I am just too selfish. I shouldn't befriend people, because I suck at helping them. /: